APEX 2424

APEX 2424

About the APEX 2424

The addition of the features for the mix position version, and the ability to use spots, video walls, and partial openings, make it an even more attractive option for varied production needs. The APEX 2424 is a great fit for any event that require a dynamic stage setup and those that prioritize quick changeovers between different configurations for Live concerts, Block parties and Small festivals.
  • Dimensions: 24’ x 23’ 8”
  • Load capacity (roof): 13,500lbs
  • Load capacity (fly bays): 2,000 lbs. each
  • Towing requirement: Gooseneck and/or kingpin hitch

Find out more about the APEX 2424 portable stage, including full specs and video.
Get the versatility of regular mobile stages with the option of mix position.

2424 - SPECS




Some features that are typically associated with Apex mobile stages, in general, are:

  1. Quick Setup: One of the main benefits of mobile stages like those from Apex is the quick setup and tear-down time, which can be significantly less than traditional stage setups.
  2. Durability: The stages are built to be sturdy and withstand various weather conditions, especially when properly secured.
  3. Integrated Rigging: Many of the stages have integrated rigging points which can be used to hang lighting, audio equipment, banners, and more.
  4. Safety: Apex’s mobile stages often include safety features such as railings, stairs, wind walls, and other components to ensure the stage is safe for performers, technicians, and the audience.
  5. Mobility: As the name suggests, mobile stages are designed to be transported easily from one location to another.
  6. Hydraulic Systems: These systems aid in the deployment and retraction of the stage, making the setup process even more streamlined.